CHPE 2012 Post-Show Report

CHPE 2012 Post-Show Report


China (shanghai) International Hosiery Purchasing Expo [abbreviation CHPE] is the only and professional hosiery expo in this field. The purpose is offering an international Communication platform for buyers and suppliers. Since the March of 2006 , the first CHPE expo was held by shanghai gehua exhibition service corporation, it has always been held on March, and become an annual grand exhibition, which has got big support from local government.

The 7th China (shanghai) International Hosiery Purchasing Expo [ abbreviation 2012 CHPE] was held on Mar.5-7,2012 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. 2012 CHPE got much support from cooperation partners, such as The America Hosiery Association (THA), Pakistan Hosiery Member Alliance (P.H.M.A), Japan Nara Association.

2012 CHPE was held successfully. It is not only impelled the socks export of the east of China, also playing a positive role for participating in the international competition. It is a shortcut for international enterprises to know and step into chinese market. The exhibits include man & female socks, sport socks, silk socks, stockings, five toes socks, health socks, fashion socks, pantynose, H-tech underwear, raw material, socks machine and so on. It Shows the socks ‘ antibacterial, deodorant, heat preservation traits. And also they display female’s beauty and exquisite curvaceous legs.

CHPE2012 date analysis

A.Exhibitors totally is 458.Exhibition Area is 17000 sq.m , over last year increase 25%, among them there are 29 international enterprises.

B.It showed most of the socks products . Socks machine and raw material exhibitors Keep the same growth rate.

C.The exhibitors quality continued to rise, and most exhibitors are manufacturers and poss Export certification.


D.Ther are totelly 11607 home and abroad visitors, among there are 2177 overseas buyers, to total ratio of 19.6%, more than doubled over last year.


E.Visitors are prefer five toes socks and functional socks this year.

F.Over 40% buyers are socks manufacturers. Organizer is trying to invite more trade company and distributor. Hope increase of the proportion to 60%.


Exhibition on site


We always appreciate all the medias' concern and support for a long time. Know more information, please email to organizer Next expo the 8th CHPE will be held on March 4-6, 2013 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. We are waiting for you here!