San Diego Whale Watching

San Diego Whale Watching

San Diego whale watching is a breathtaking experience. Can you imagine the thrill of watching a fifty foot long, 35 ton whale up close and personal? 

Gray whales can be spotted along the coastline of San Diego from December through April as they migrate back and forth between the waters off Alaska and Baja California. These graceful creatures are fascinating. Even more so when you get to see them for yourself in their natural habitat.

In addition to gray whales, you might also spot minke whales, fin whales, humpback whales, and dolphins.

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Are you ready for an exciting whale watching adventure? You will find a number of companies that offer these amazing trips

Tip: It might be a good idea to take a motion sickness medication before boarding the boat. Many people do experience motion sickness while out in the ocean. Definitely something you'd like to prevent!

Whale Watching Excursions in San Diego

Gray Whale

Adventure R.I.B. Rides

Address: 1380 Harbor Island Dr., San Diego
Telephone: (619) 808-2822

Baja Expeditions

Address: 3096 Palm St., San Diego
Telephone: (800-843-6967

H & M Landing

Address: 2803 Emerson St., San Diego
Telephone: (619) 222-1144

San Diego Whale Watch

Address: 1717 Quivira Rd., San Diego
Telephone: (619) 839-0128

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