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Air Adventures
Take to the skies for air adventures. People have long been interested in traveling through the skies and there are a variety of ways to soar high above the ground.

Experience sky soaring, hang-gliding, parasailing, or sky diving. Take an unforgettable ride in an historic bi-plane or a hot air balloon.

Sky sailing, also known as "soaring" is the sport of flying gliders. Enjoy breathtaking views as you enjoy a relaxing sailplane ride. How to get started? One or two persons can take a flight with a licensed and experienced pilot.

Glider - Sky Soaring
Hang Gliding

Hang gliding and paragliding are similar.  Both allow you to glide through the air without a motor.  The paraglider is a newer technology that is more maneuverable, but travels more slowly.  The paraglider can be used in lighter wind conditions than the hang glider.  People wanting to try out either can sign up for a tandem ride where a licensed pilot takes you for a ride.  Both you and the pilot will be a sitting position in the paraglider and in a lying down position for the hang glider.

Relive history by riding in a biplane driven by an experienced pilot who can make the ride nice and gentle or fast and thrilling depending on what you want.  Most successful early airplanes were biplanes. This includes the Wright Flyer invented by the famous Wright Brothers.  The two wings of a biplane are located one above the other.


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Parasailing can be thrilling and exciting. You start the journey on a boat.  Your harness is attached to the parasail.  The boat takes off and you rise into the air to enjoy a scenic flight.  After about 10 minutes, you are reeled in and land back on the boat.

A hot air balloon ride can be the experience of a lifetime. Soar peacefully over beautiful scenery. Relax as you gently glide along 500 to 1500 feet above the ground. Flights are typically 60 to 90 minutes long.

Hot Air Balloon

Skydiving  Jumping off of an aircraft with a parachute on your back can be an unforgettable experience. Most skydivers make their first jump under the guidance of a trained instructor who jumps with you. This is called tandem skydiving.

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