Cruises from San Diego - Fun San Diego Cruises

Cruises from San Diego

Cruises from San Diego depart regularly for fun and exciting destinations such as Mexico, Hawaii, Panama Canal, Alaska, Seattle, and Vancouver. Sail off to romantic adventures of your own.

Huge price drops due to the economy have made this the ideal time to book a cruise.

Local residents can practically sail from their own backyard. Visitors can combine a stay in this beautiful city with a cruise vacation to faraway lands. Explore the possibilities!

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Mexico Cruises

Make a cruise to Mexico the vacation of your dreams. Whether you want to dance the nights away or enjoy quiet romantic moments in the sun, you'll love cruising in Mexico. Snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving, fishing, horseback riding, wave riding are all on your agenda if you want.

San Diego to Mexico Cruise

Book your cruise now. Cruise lines sailing from San Diego to Mexico are Carnival, Holland America, Royal Caribbean, and Azamara Club. The best bargains fill up first.

Fun San Diego Cruises

What could possibly be more heavenly than a cruise to Hawaii? You relax and unwind on the ship. You get accustomed to all of its pleasures and then you find yourself transported to the Hawaiian Islands.

Now it's time to explore the background of the islands, snorkel with dolphins and turtles, give surfing a try (or not), and experience an Hawaiian luau. Holland America Cruise ships are ready to sail you off to Hawaii on 14 night cruises. Prices start at a truly amazing price for a cruise of this length! 

Cruises from San Diego to Alaska

Everyone should see Alaska at least once. There are only two cruises sailing from San Diego to Alaska this year. One is Celebrity and it sails in April with Royal Caribbean departing in May. Either trip is available at an unheard of price of only $64 per day. Amazing!

The scenery of Alaska is so awesome. It is a memory that will last a lifetime.

Departing from San Diego to the Pacific Northwest

Holland America has two short cruises to Vancouver and British Columbia. Both are sailing in May, 2010 with cabins available at a rate of only $179 and up. The cruise leaving San Diego on May 10, 2010 will also be visiting Victoria.

What a deal!

Cruises from San Diego to Panama Canal

There are a variety of Panama Cruises to choose from ranging from 14 to 18 days in length. I think you'll find the prices amazingly reasonable.

You'll get to see the world on this cruise. The ship stops in ports on the Mexican Riviera, the Caribbean, and in Central America. 

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