Top Ten Most Romantic Dates in San Diego

Romantic Dates
Are you looking ideas for romance? Learn about the Top Ten Most Romanic Dates in in San Diego. This guide can help you plan a special date night.

San Diego is the perfect place for romance. American singles and married couples can enjoy a romantic getaway to this fabulous city.

These romantic dates are specific to San Diego. However, if you focus on romance; it will happen anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

1. Ride a gondola while snuggling and sipping wine.

What can be more romantic than gliding through the water in a gondola? Make reservations for your private cruise through the waters of Coronado Island. Special sunset cruises and wine tasting cruises are available. A truly romantic date night!

San Diego Fireworks

2. Watch the fireworks from Sea World While enjoying an intimate bonfire on a San Diego beach.

You can enjoy the fireworks from Sea World from a nearby beach for a romantic evening under the stars.

3. Share a spectacular sunset with the person you love.

San Diego is known for its spectacular sunsets. Learn the best places to go to watch the sun set slowly into the Pacific.

romantic things to do in san diego

4. Take an evening kayak journey under the stars.

San Diego has great choices for kayaking. You can kayak through the La Jolla Caves, along the coast, or on the calm waters of Mission Bay.

5. Bicycle along the coast.

Bicycle rentals can be found throughout San Diego. Some of the most popular places for biking are along the coast, on Coronado Island, and around Mission Bay. You can join an organized biking tour or rent a bike and venture out on your own.

San Diego Biking

Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

6. Cuddle together in a horse drawn carriage touring the waterfront.

Create romantic memories with a horse-drawn carriage ride along the coast or through Balboa Park. Fairy tales can come true!

7. Cruise the Bay for romance on the water.

Enjoy a romantic cruise on the bay. There are a variety of cruise choices that let you get a view of the city from the water. Cruises can include dancing, live music, cocktails, brunch, lunch, or dinner. A great romantic evening idea.

San Diego Cruise, Bay Cruises

8. Enjoy a romantic stroll on the beach.

San Diego has 70 miles of beaches waiting to be explored. Take a stroll on a sandy beach for a romantic outing.

Stroll a San Diego Beach

romantic evening idea

9. Plan a romantic picnic to celebrate your love.

Take a look at these creative ideas for picnics including special romantic touches, menu ideas, and suggestions on where to have a picnic. Even if you don't live in San Diego, you'll find lots of ideas to use anywhere.

10. Hike to a swimming hole and swim under the waterfall.

Many people don't realize that there is a waterfall in San Diego. Plan a springtime hike to Cedar Falls and swim under the falls.

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