Romantic Picnic Ideas

romantic picnic ideas

Want to plan a romantic picnic? These romantic picnic ideas are designed to help you celebrate the joy of being with that special person in your life. Be creative and have fun!

You'll find ideas for special touches that help create a romantic atmosphere, menu ideas, and ideas on where to have a picnic. If you live in San Diego, you'll want to take note at of the recommended San Diego picnic locations.

Romantic Picnic Ideas ~ Special Touches

Champagne Picnic

1. If either of you play an instrument, bring it with you. A serenade will be fun.

2. If having a nighttime picnic, do some research and find out what stars will be in the evening sky. Don't forget to make a wish on a star. Bring a blanket so you can both lay on the ground and gaze up at the stars. 

3. Turn your picnic into an elegant event by bringing china, candles, tablecloth, a vase, real silverware and flowers. Depending on the location of your picnic you may need to bring a small table and chairs as well. 

4. A great romantic picnic idea is to bring along a book of romantic poems. Take turn reading them to each other.

5. Have everything ready to go and make the picnic a surprise. Write a love letter or poem to present during the picnic.

Romantic Sunset

6. Plan your picnic to watch the sunset as you are dining. Head to the beach if you live near the ocean. It's hard to surpass the beauty of the sun sinking slowing into the water.

7. Play the "Love Game". Bring a football or frisbee. Stand facing each other about 10-15 feet apart. Whoever has the football makes a comment to the other. The comment may mention what you love about that person. It can be romantic or even sexy. After your turn, you take a step forward. Alternate turns. Game ends when you can touch each other. This romantic picnic idea is lots of fun!

8. Bring a CD player and put on some nice romantic music.

Romantic Picnic Ideas ~ Menu Suggestions

A picnic menu will depend on what the two of you like to eat.

picnic basket

1. Prepare favorite foods that both of you enjoy. Include a dessert and a beverage. Turkey sandwiches, potato salad, a chilled bottle of Chardonnay, and chocolate-covered strawberries might be a meal that I would choose. What are your favorites?

2. Have a BBQ. Pack food for grilling such as hamburgers, ribs, steak, or chicken. Pack veggies that are easy to grill as well. I love grilled corn-on-the-cob, but most vegetables taste great grilled. Snuggle in your significant's other's favorite dessert and a bottle of Zinfandel or Pinot Grigio. If your picnic site doesn't have a grill, remember to pack a portable BBQ and necessary supplies.

Picnic Basket

3. Order take-out from a favorite restaurant or catering business.

4. Purchase some good bread. Bring olive oil, cheeses, gourmet olives, and salami. Spread a blanket on the ground for a simple meal. Don't forget the wine. Sneak in a special dessert like chocolate mousse for a surprise ending.

5. A salad makes for an easy one dish meal and there are so many delicious salads to choose from. One of my favorites is Chinese Chicken Salad. Pick up a nice bottle of wine and a dessert and you are ready to go.

6. Have an evening picnic and spend some time beneath the stars. Build a campfire or bonfire. Grill hotdogs for dinner. Make s'mores for dessert.

Choose a Fun Location for Your Picnic

Beach Picnic

1. Head to a nearby park. This could be a small neighborhood park or a special park somewhere else in your area. My favorite San Diego parks for a romantic picnic are Presidio Park and Balboa Park.

2. Picnic on a beach: Romantic San Diego Beaches

3. Bad weather? Have an indoor picnic. Spread a blanket on the floor. Light a fire and candles. Play soft music. Open a bottle of wine. Most people wouldn't think of having a picnic indoors which makes it a fun romantic picnic idea!

4. Picnic at an outdoor concert. Many communities have free summer concerts. It's the perfect location for a romantic picnic. Free San Diego Concerts

Romantic Picnic

5. Picnic in bed. This could be a morning time breakfast in bed or a romantic evening event. Lay a soft blanket over the bed. Spring rose petals over the blanket. Light candles. Have romantic music playing softly in the background. Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries or a fruit and cheese tray would make good food choices. This may be the most romantic picnic idea of all!

6. Picnic at a location known for its great views. San Diego choices would include Petco Park, which is open to the public on days when there is no game. Cabrillo National Monument has the pefect setting for a picnic. The views are fabulous. You can also explore the tidepools, take a short hike, and check out the lighthouse as well.

Both Mount Soledad and Mount Helix are parks set atop mountains with panoramic views.

7. Rent canoes or a tandem kayak. Float through the water to a picnic spot where you can stop and enjoy your meal. Fun during the day or in the evening.

Romantic Bike Ride

8. Take your picnic to a drive-in theater. Eat in your car while watching the movie or bring a small table and chairs to set up next to your car. San Diego drive-in theaters include South Bay Drive-In Theatre and Santee Drive In Theatre.

9. Tour the area in a horse-drawn carriage either before or after your picnic for a truly romantic touch. San Diego Horse-drawn Carriage Rides

10. Bike and picnic. Find a local bike path or route. Load up your backpacks and bike to your picnic spot. If you live in San Diego, why not take your bike on the ferry from downtown San Diego to Coronado Island. Bike around Coronado Island. Coronado picnic spots would include Spreckels Park, Coronado City Beach, or Glorietta Bay Park.

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