Unique Ideas for Valentine's Day

unique ideas for valentines day

Here are some unique ideas for Valentine's Day that will make this holiday special. Celebrate Valentine's Day in a more romantic way this year.You'll love these unique ideas and so will your valentine!

Idea #1 - Make Your Own Valentine.
Instead of rushing off to the store to buy a valentine card, make your own. It will be much more meaningful than a generic card you purchase at a store. Your hand-made valentine could be a card, banner, poster, love letter, or even a book of memories. You might find a container you could fill with small pieces of heart shaped papers. On each paper write down things you love about him or her. Be creative...the possibilities are endless!

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Romantic Valentines Ideas
Idea #2 - Use Candles.
It's amazing what a romantic effect is created from the glow of candles. You can scatter candles around a room, make a trail of candles leading to a specific area, arrange the candles in the shape of a heart, or simply have a pair of candles on a table. You might want to cut out heart shaped papers, write on each a reason you love him or her, and place beneath each candle. It takes just a little bit of time and creativity to plan unique ideas for Valentine's Day.

Rose Petals

Idea #3 - Sprinkle Rose Petals.
Rose petals set the stage for romance. You can sprinkle petals on the bed, on top of a bathtub filled with water, or on the table. Rose petals are also great for creating a trail. Make dinner reservations and take a bag of rose petals to the restaurant in advance to be scattered on your table before you arrive. You can purchase rose petals at a florist already bagged and ready to use. (Use fresh rose petals rather than artificial.)

Couple in Love

Idea #4 - Plan a Romantic Activity.
What do you think that special person in your life would like to do? Consider his or her likes and you will come up with some unique ideas for Valentine's Day. You could have a scavenger hunt with various clues leading finally to a special surprise. Plan an indoor picnic in front of the fire or surrounded by candles. Have a candlelit dinner at the table or dine at a romantic restaurant. A hot bath followed by a massage would be both relaxing and romantic. You could fly a kite at the park, go fishing, experience a hot air balloon, or take a tandem kayak ride. Treat yourselves to a stay-at-home vacation or indulge in a romantic getaway for two.

There are so many possibilities.If you are tired of the typical date of dinner and a movie, I'd recommend a book called 300 Creative Dates. Whether you want to impress that special person on a first date, surprise someone for a special occasion, or just breathe new life into your relationship, this is a wonderful book full of great ideas.

valentine gift
Idea - #5 Choose a Valentine Gift The perfect valentine gift could be something you make yourself. Create a gift basket full of items you know he or she would like. If the person is a golfer you could purchase golf balls, tees, golf glove, and a photograph of the two of you golfing. Make a video, bake his or her favorite dessert, or create special love coupons of things you will do when a coupon is presented.

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